We elected five plenary lectures to create to all ESCAPE17 participants a general view on the perspectives of Computer Aided Process Engineering from different possible approaches. We present below in an arbitrary order the titles and invited speakers for Plenary lectures to give potential participants the image of a broad approach as an invitation to join ESCAPE 17:

Plenary lecture 1 Process Systems Engineering and CAPE – What Next? – Professor Ignacio Grossmann and Professor Rafiqul Gani

Plenary lecture 2 Reactive and Hybrid Separations of Chemicals and Bioactive Substances: Modeling and Optimization – Professor Andrzej Gorák

Plenary lecture 3 Crystal Engineering for Product and Process Design – Professor Michael Doherty

Plenary lecture 4 Among the Trends for a Modern Chemical Engineering: CAPE an Efficient Tool for Process Intensification and Product Design and Engineering – Professor Jean-Claude Charpentier

Plenary lecture 5 Perspectives for Process Systems Engineering - a Personal View from Academia and Industry – Dr Karsten-Ulrich Klatt, Professor Wolfgang Marquardt





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