Each major theme will have 2 Keynote lectures (a total of 10 speakers are invited), underlying the main trends and developments in the area of each theme. Those are addressed to the participants interested only in each peculiar theme and which will be delivered in the debut of the oral presentation sessions. The International Scientific Committee chose contributions for key-note lectures, for oral presentations or for poster sessions. Oral presentations will be those contributions addapted to attract auditorium, while for poster sessions will be designatede those contributions addapted to a dialogue between authors and public.

Keynote lectures for Theme 1
- State-of-the Art in Short-Term, Medium-Term, and Reactive Scheduling for Large-Scale Batch and Continuous Processes – Professor Christodoulos FLOUDAS
- Perspectives on Process Systems Engineering R&D in Support of Pharmaceutical Product/Process Development and Manufacturing – Professor Gintaras V. REKLAITIS

Keynote lectures for Theme 2
- Management of Innovation and Process System Engineering - Professor JeanMarc LELANN, Dr. Stephane NEGNY
- Renewable Raw Materials: Chance and Challenge for CAPE – Professor Alexandre DIMIAN

Keynote lectures for Theme 3
- Parametric Programming & Control: From Theory to Practice - Professor Efstratios N.  PISTIKOPOULOS, Dr. Michael C. GEORGIADIS and Dr. Vivek DUA
- Large-scale Nonlinear Programming: An Integrating Framework for Enterprise-Wide Optimization - Professor Lorenz BIEGLER
- Advanced Process Management for Power and Industrial Energy - Dr. Jaroslav PEKAR, Dr. Vladimir HLAVENA

Keynote lectures for Theme 4
- Analysis and Design of Metabolic Networks - Experiments and Computer Simulation – Professor Elmar HEINZLE, Dr. Tae HOON YANG, Dr. Rahul DESHPANDE
- Live and let die - A Systems Biology View on Cell Death – Professor Frank ALLGÖWER

Keynote lectures for Theme 5
- Integration of Process Site Utility Systems – Professor Robin SMITH
- The Ecological Impact of the Sugar Sector – Aspects of the Change of a Key Industrial Sector in Europe – Professor Michael NARADOSLAWSKY, Dr. Gernot GWEHENBERGER





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